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Spirit (ruach) (pneuma) themes (aspects) in scripture relating to human beings.

(The Holy Spirit is a whole separate and vitally important Subject.)

NOTE: We have addressed spirit (ruach) and soul (nephesh) together as they are closely related. The term “spiritual soul” applies to a saved person.  An unsaved person has a (dead) UNspiritual soul.

There are 2 big themes of ruach which can be called “new spirit” and “old spirit”. In biblical counseling ( what the Puritans called “soul care”), the first step is to determine whether the person is saved (born-from-above; regenerated). If they are, we can count on the help of The Holy Spirit. If not, we have a much larger challenge to care for their spirit. Humanists (materialists) don’t even believe humans have a spirit/soul (the immaterial part of human beings).

On this web site, we equate the biblical word “heart” (the core of our being) with the “spiritual soul” of a person who is saved. Spiritual soul incorporates the mind, the affections (desires, emotions*) & the will. We, therefore, may expand on the 2 main themes, to include some of the following:

  1. For a saved person-renewed mind, godly affections and an obedient will; all of which could be summed up in “progressive SANTIFICATION” or growth in spiritual maturity. ( 2 Pet. 3:18)

Some aspects (themes) of the life of a mature believer in addition to SANCTIFICATION include:

1-LOVE ( the first and basic fruit of The H.S.) for God and neighbor. In Jn.24:23, Jesus teaches a mind-boggling truth that when we love Jesus ( by power of The H.S.), The Father will love us (a special love) and Jesus and The Father will make Their home with us-joining The H.S. Who already indwells us NOW as a preview of being in the presence of God in heaven forever. The above is also spiritual COMMUNION with God; ABIDING IN CHRIST.

2-ILLUMINATION- When we read scripture with the intent to obey God’s Word, We believe The H.S. illumines our mind to understand scripture (we get to know God) and He gives us the power to obey God as He speaks through His Word.

A sub-category of saved people is the immature or “carnal” christian (1Cor.3:1-3) who is still on milk instead of meat. They are more of a challenge to help because they are worldly; not yet seriously interested in biblical or spiritual things. God will have to discipline them if they don’t want to grow spiritually.

b)- For an unsaved person- a “dead soul” ( heart), a reprobate mind ( Romans 1) fleshly affections/desires and a stubborn (disobedient to God) will; all of which which might be summed up as being “dead in …transgressions and sins” (Eph.2:1)

Evil spirits/demons-could be included as an aspect of unsaved persons as those people are controlled by the world, the flesh and the devil-and his demonic spirits.


*The challenging subject of EMOTIONS-e.g.,anger, fear, anxiety, depression, joy, merry disposition, etc. are very important in caring for a persons’ spirit/soul. We should, therefore, study the interaction of the mind (immaterial) and the brain ( material).More on this later. The important thing for a saved person is to have God renew our minds every day (Rm.12:1,2) and, with God’s help “…take every thought captive to obey Christ”

(2Cor.10:5 ESV).

The important thing, of course, for an unsaved person is TO BE SAVED. (genuinely born from above).