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Jesus-The Son of God

A helpful quote on”the diversity of ways in which ‘Son of God’ is used to refer to Jesus” in the O.T. and in N.T quotes from the O.T. from page 49 of D.A. Carson’s excellent 2012 Crossway book with the above title…

“When Hebrews 1:5 quotes Psalm 2:7 with reference to Jesus, it is the Davidic typology that warrants it; that is, the writer to the Hebrews is reading Psalm 2:7 not as an individual prooftext but as one passage within the matrix of the Davidic typology it helps to establish. That he is thinking in terms of this trajectory, this typology, is clear from the fact that he immediately links Psalm 2:7 with 2 Samuel 7:14, not to mention Psalm 45:6-7 [quoted in Hebrews 1:8-9] and Psalm 110 [quoted in Hebrews 1:13]. In other words, Jesus is superior to the angels in His role as long-anticipated Davidic king, long-anticipated Messiah, long-anticipated Son of God. As the Son-King, Jesus brings in the kingdom; angels could not do that.”

It can be helpful to refer to Jesus as GOD-The Son in discussions about The Son of God. 


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